By Roy Heale

When a city is as large as Buenos Aires it can be intimidating when you first arrive. There are several different neighborhoods to explore and finding your way around can be challenging especially on your initial visit. The service of the Buenos Aires Bus was introduced in May 2009, with regular schedules and fixed stops incorporating the system of Hop On Hop Off. This is very common in major European cities and now it has arrived in South America.

This is a wonderful way to discover all that Buenos Aires has to offer and orient yourself with the layout of this vast city. Buses run every half hour and make twelve different stops around the city. From La Boca to San Telmo, Recoleta and Palermo this is about a three hour journey from start to finish with out getting off the bus for sightseeing.

Tickets are available for purchase on the bus or at official Tourism kiosks around the city. Visitors can purchase a one or a two day pass and the adult cost is approximately $8 and $12 respectively.

Guided tours using a headset audio system are offered in ten different languages and the staff on the buses are multi-lingual. With an open top the view from the second deck is ideal for sightseeing.

Without a doubt this is a great addition to the many offerings that tourists can enjoy when they visit the magical Paris of South America.

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